Sri Lanka will introduce new 49 hotspot tourism zones to boost global travel

During a press conference held this week, State Minister of Tourism Diana Gamage disclosed the Sri Lankan government’s initiative to officially designate 49 additional locations as tourism zones. This action is anticipated to be formalized through a publication in a gazette within the next month. This move forms part of a broader strategy by the government to bolster the tourism sector, which is a significant source of foreign exchange revenue for Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, Minister Gamage unveiled plans to set up a specialized committee charged with the prevention and oversight of fraud and corruption within the tourism industry. This step underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining integrity and trust in a sector critical to the nation’s economic health.

In addition to these measures, the government is taking steps to enhance the convenience of travel for tourists in Sri Lanka by streamlining the online ticket purchasing process and improving online systems. Such improvements are aimed at facilitating smoother and more efficient travel experiences for international visitors.

Tourism plays a crucial role in Sri Lanka’s economy. In 2023, the sector generated approximately 2.1 billion U.S. dollars in revenue, according to official data. The expansion of designated tourism zones is expected to significantly impact global travel and tourism by attracting more visitors to the island, thus increasing international tourism inflows. This initiative not only aims to diversify and enrich the tourist experience but also stimulates local economies by increasing demand for local services and products.

The proactive steps taken to safeguard the sector from fraud and enhance operational efficiencies through technology are likely to further enhance Sri Lanka’s reputation as a secure and tourist-friendly destination. These efforts collectively contribute to the broader vision of elevating Sri Lanka’s position on the global tourism map, attracting a wider international audience, and driving significant economic benefits through increased tourism revenues.

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