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Friday, December 8, 2023

“WTN Bangladesh Chapter Embraces the Theme ‘Tourism and Green Investments’ on World Tourism Day 2023”

“Chairman H.M. Hakim Ali Advocates for Sustainable “Tourism for a Greener Future”

Dhaka, Bangladesh – In celebration of World Tourism Day 2023, the World Tourism Network (WTN) Bangladesh Chapter gathered this morning in Dhaka, emphasizing this year’s theme: “Tourism and Green Investments.” Mr. H.M. Hakim Ali, Chairman of WTN Bangladesh Chapter, delivered a profound address, highlighting the global significance of tourism as the largest industry and its ever-increasing prominence.

Mr. Ali elaborated on the theme, emphasizing the crucial role of sustainable tourism within the context of “Tourism and Green Investments.” He passionately advocated for responsible tourism practices that prioritize environmental preservation and the mindful use of resources. Mr. Ali underscored the significance of sustainable initiatives, which can contribute to a more environmentally friendly tourism sector, fostering both economic growth and environmental well-being.

While the world came together to observe World Tourism Day, Saudi Arabia took center stage as the host country for this year’s festivities. Representing Bangladesh at the official program in Saudi Arabia was Mr. Md. Mahbub Ali, Honorable State Minister of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism. His presence underscored Bangladesh’s commitment to promoting sustainable tourism on the global stage.

To mark this joyful occasion, the WTN Bangladesh Chapter organized a delightful tea party, fostering camaraderie and strengthening community bonds. It was a moment for everyone to come together and celebrate the beauty and significance of tourism on this special day. Here’s to a world united through travel and the enriching experiences it offers!

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