Hong Kong Airlines launches direct flight to Da Nang, Vietnam 

Following the announcement of a new service to Taichung, Hong  Kong Airlines has confirmed that a new direct flight service to Da Nang, Vietnam, will be  commenced on the same inaugural day, 19 July. The new route will operate daily to provide  travellers with a variety of choices for their summer holidays, while also serving as a gateway to  explore the diverse destinations within Vietnam, a country that is an integral part of the Belt and  Road Initiative.

Often referred to as “The Oriental Hawaii,” Da Nang is one of the largest and most important  cities in central Vietnam. From the cool retreats of Ba Na Hills and the historic and culturally  diverse ancient towns, to the prime selfie spots on stunning beaches, the Pink Church, and Asia  Park, coupled with a variety of traditional Vietnamese cuisine, Da Nang remains a popular  destination for international tourists and is regarded as one of the hotspots for tourism in Asia.

Hong Kong Airlines is committed to exploring more potential hotspots for travellers, offering a  diverse range of options. The introduction of the new Da Nang route not only expands the  company’s overall network coverage in the Southeast Asia region but also reinforces its support  for the Belt and Road Initiative. This expansion is aimed to enhance connectivity, facilitate trade,  and foster cultural and economic exchanges between the regions.

Hong Kong Airlines’ flight schedule* between Hong Kong and Da Nang is as follows (All times  local):

Route Flight Number Departure Arrival Frequency
HKG – DADHX54814401530Daily
DAD – HKGHX54916301920

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