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Sunday, December 4, 2022

AI reimagines UK’s top tourist attractions according to one-star reviews

Research shows that online reviews significantly impact travel decisions, with negative write-ups often putting visitors off. So, what do tourist attractions look like in the eyes of their harshest critics? Well, we’ve found out. Holiday Rental Company My Favourite Cottages, with the help of AI, has reimagined the UK’s top tourist attractions according to one-star reviews

DallE 2 AI was fed each attraction’s name, together with keywords from their worst TripAdvisor reviews. The rest was up to the tool.  Harry Roberts, Managing Director of My Favourite Cottages, reveals why customer reviews are so important to the travel industry:

They encourage others to book (or not)
When booking a trip or a day out, many people look to reviews to help them decide whether it’s the right place for them. By giving honest feedback, future visitors can begin to imagine what their experience could look like – especially if details such as the time and circumstance are similar.

They help us improve
While we always hope your experience is positive, sometimes it’s not – and that’s ok! Leaving a review allows you to communicate with us, so we can learn from them and improve for future visitors.

They reduce complaints
Just as an honest review can encourage others to visit, it can actually help to reduce future complaints – because future visitors already have an idea about the type of experience they’re paying for before they even arrive.

But remember, your reviews can negatively impact a business, so: Keep your reviews honest, accurate and constructive. Avoid personal attacks or rants.  Be kind.

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