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Monday, January 30, 2023

Sri Lanka is open: Here’s why now is the best time to visit

With the relaxation of government travel advisories and an end to the local protests seen earlier in 2022, Sri Lanka is once again a safe, open and welcoming environment for visitors.

Fuel is available, so visitors can explore the country and discover its delights through beautiful road-trips, and hotels and attractions are all open. There are plenty of new experiences waiting to be discovered, offering a blend of history, culture and wildlife, all set to the backdrop of a spectacular landscape. Here’s why this beautiful part of the world should be on your radar for 2023:

Value for money 

In the current economic climate, Sri Lanka offers one of the best values when it comes to holidays. Hotels are competitively priced as they try to attract tourists back and as of early November, the exchange rate was 1 GBP to 413 LKR, in comparison to April 2022 when it was 145 LKR to the pound, meaning travellers’ money will go significantly further.

Free from the crowds 

Additionally, what makes Sri Lanka perfect to visit in the current circumstances is the fact that the country is not overcrowded with tourists. Winter 2022, or early 2023 is best to travel before the crowds return.

Visitors can have beaches and perfect waves to themselves, trek amongst monkeys without seeing another soul, and get their pick of the temples at sunrise. With a concerted effort being made to bring about the return of tourism to the country it won’t be long before the visitor levels are creeping up, but for now, visitors will have the rare opportunity to enjoy this lush island in peace.

Celebrating 75 years of independence 

On 4 February 2023, Sri Lanka will celebrate its 75th National Day. Celebrations will take place all over the country through dances, parades and performances, with the main celebrations taking place in the capital city, Colombo.

The national flag will be hoisted and the national anthem sung, the traditional lamp will be lit and there will be meticulously coordinated military parades, firing of canons and various religious and cultural performances. The celebrations will be open to all, including visitors, signifying the continued united efforts as the people of one nation come together to celebrate their cherished sovereignty.

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