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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Airbus Begins Assembling A321s In China

Airbus began producing the first A321 aircraft in Tianjin, China after the Final Assembly Line (FAL) in the country’s north improved its manufacturing capabilities.

Ever since the largest narrow-body of Toulouse, France-based Airbus began assembly at the plant on 9 November 2022, the facility, which opened in 2008, has been able to produce two types of aircraft. The A321 in question is expected to be delivered in early 2023, as reported by local media.

Media reports in China cited Airbus China CEO George Xu as saying, “This is our latest step in China, indicating our continuous support for the Chinese market.” Xu claims that out of a total of 4,000 jets, 2,100 were produced by Airbus, giving the European firm a market dominance of more than 50% in the commercial aviation industry.

The chief executive officer further stated, “The global aviation sector has been impacted severely by COVID-19, but the Chinese market has shown tremendous resilience.”

In 2008, the FAL opened, marking the beginning of the company’s presence in the country, with the express purpose of increasing production of the A320 family, the manufacturer’s fastest-growing and most profitable product line. To increase the output of the A330 and, eventually, the A350, Airbus constructed the Completion and Delivery Centre (C&DC) in 2017. The C&DC delivered the first Airbus A350 in July of 2021.

Airbus is looking to increase A321 manufacturing at several locations, including Mobile, Alabama, and Toulouse, France, in addition to the new Chinese plants. Manufacturing at the French location will replace the existing Airbus A380 factory, which has been producing the largest member of the A320 family since April 2016.

Through 2025, Airbus plans to produce 75 aircraft from the A320 family per month.

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