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These are cheapest places to visit for the most sunshine

New research from ParkSleepFly has analysed how many hours of sunshine different holiday destinations around the world receive each day alongside the average cost of staying in each destination to reveal the cheapest countries to visit for the most sunshine.

The cheapest destination to visit for sunshine is Tirana, Albania with a cost per sunshine hour of $5.88. Tirana is also one of the sunniest vacation destinations you can visit, getting on average 3,452 hours of sunlight per year, equalling around 9.5 hours of sunshine per day.

The second cheapest sunshine destination is Denpasar, Bali with a cost per sunshine hour of $6.78. One of the best locations for sun, the city sees on average 3,138 hours of sunshine per year and around 8.6 hours of sunshine per day.

The third cheapest sunshine destination is Johannesburg, South Africa with a cost per sunshine hour of $8.02. With great weather all year round, Johannesburg is one of the top sunny vacation destinations in the world, attracting millions of tourists every year for its climate, wildlife, and culture. Johannesburg gets around 3,334 hours of sunshine each year, meaning it gets on average 9.1 sunshine hours every day.

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