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October 3, 2021
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October 4, 2021

Celebrate this "International Coffee Day 2021" at Doreen Hotel. Your good mood is going to
be sponsored by their freshly brewed coffee, coz whether it’s good or bad a coffee is the
perfect companion for your mood! Guests can Enjoy BUY 1 GET 1 FREE COFFEE and
50% Discount on the Savory & Pastry items throughout the Week Available every day From
1 st – 7 th October 2021, 10.00 AM till 10 PM. “The Coffee People” and “La Cimbali Coffee
Machine” will be their Event Partner for this celebration.
The Freshly brewed coffee selection holds Honey Cinnamon Latte, Spicy Afagado, Rose
Macchiato, Marshmallow Mocha and the list goes on. Talking about the dessert selections,
from Almond Pie to Pistachio Cake to rich Tiramisu Cake, Dhaka people are sure do love
dessert. So, treat yourself to an expertly crafted pastry, slice of cake, brownie sundae or other
decadent sweet treat at a charming dessert cafe like our Deli. If you’re looking to satisfy your
sweet tooth, The Deli would certainly be the best place that you are looking for!
The Instagram-worthy creations are baked fresh and from scratch and are the brainchild of
the pastry chef team, who honed their skills in the kitchen and worked at many famous
pastry kitchens before bringing his art to The Deli. You can have delicious Mushroom
Quiche, Cream Seafood tart, Classic Sausage Roll, Mexican Beef Burrito with Spicy French
Fries and many more savory items along with the freshly baked desserts and perfectly
brewed coffee.
Get your cravings for desserts, the savory snacks and of course the perfectly blended and
brewed Coffee locked down with THE DELI, because it’s hard to pass up the yummy treats,
which come in dozens of whimsical flavors.