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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Victoria Falls is open for tourism: here’s why you should take the plunge

One of the most candid people I’ve met is Georges C Imbault. “It’s just four seconds but it’s the longest four seconds of your life,” he half-shouts from his perch at the end of the walkway under the Victoria Falls Bridge. Admittedly, this is not the real Imbault, a Frenchman appointed as chief construction engineer of the bridge in 1903, but a modern-day impersonator. (Real name) Kim Adams is a guide with Shearwater Victoria Falls (https://www.shearwatervictoriafalls.com/), and he dons a pair of period spectacles, braces, a fedora and tie to play an Imbault “scorched by the African sun”, to tell visitors a most animated tale of how the bridge, completed in 1905, was built.

That was phase one of the bridge tour. But now we are in phase two and “Imbault” has just led us – harnessed and attached to the 116-year-old structure with carabiners – along the length of the walkway…

The falls are truly magnificent but Victoria Falls, the Zimbabwean tourist town, has much more to offer, with crazy offers right now — both budget and luxe.

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