A new travel company named Hospitality Stories has launched to unlock the world of travel

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As the world emerges from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, a new company named Hospitality Stories has launched to unlock the world of travel and unique experiences.

Founded by Greek travel professional Dimitra Vlachou, Hospitality Stories was created to connect travelers with genuine and personalized experiences in Greece and Turkey.

According to Vlachou, the mission of Hospitality Stories is the fusion of two vital elements: hospitality (“filoxenia” in Greek) and the company’s “destination angels”, who are local storytellers that accompany travelers during their experience, sharing ‘inside access’ secrets with them.

The logo of Hospitality Stories is a key made up of 9 multicolored pixels – one for each of the different categories of the company’s offered One Day Experiences”, which are private excursions with high experiential value: Experience, Culture, Enogastronomy, Beach activities, Sailing, Nature, Local community, Cooking classes and Wellness.

“This key will help travelers unlock life experiences, that will last a lifetime,” Vlachou says.

All ‘One Day Experiences’ are offered as private tours, designed for couples, families with children or small groups consisting of up to 10 people. Some Experiences can accommodate up to 15 participants.

“They are ideal for first time visitors, but also for repeaters, who want to discover hidden gems, live like locals and listen to untold stories of their chosen holiday destination,” Vlachou says.The company’s new website (www.hospitalitystories.com) has modern features designed for discerning travelers to navigate and discover.

Hospitality Stories also includes Bespoke Journeys, vacations that include multiple experiences in multiple destinations, especially designed for demanding travelers; and a Travel Blog, full of insider travel stories written by the company’s founder.