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Hotel opens in Cox’s Bazar on Condition 24

Tourist destinations to remain completely closed

On condition, hotels and guest houses in the tourist city of Cox’s Bazar will open in a limited range from June 24. No one can be given room booking without urgent need. And the tourist destination will be completely closed.

Additional District Magistrate Abu Sufian conveyed the decision taken by tourism concerned at an exchange of views held at the ATM Zafar Alam conference room in the district administration on Monday evening (June 21).

Abu Sufian said hotel motels and guest houses are being opened conditional on the demand sustenance of tourism related people. A monitoring committee has been constituted to implement hygiene. The committee has tied up necessary guidance to the hotel motel authorities. The monitoring committee will again close the hotel motel in case of any disruption in the implementation of the guidelines.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Amin Al Parvez said the tourism sector in Cox’s Bazar was shut down due to increased coronavirus infection. But after analyzing all the trials, hotel motels and guest houses are being opened in a limited range. Hotel-motel authorities have more challenges than police administration in implementing hygiene after opening. Everyone has to work together to meet this challenge. Promises to be kept. You have to do business without risking your life and that of others.

The conditions adopted to ensure hygiene are that no tourist can book a room for roaming purposes. Only 50% of rooms can be booked. The restaurant will be closed without room service. No one can rent a room without urgent need. The swimming pool will be closed. Biocidal sprays and temperature measurements should be maintained at the entrance of the hotel. Hand sanitizers should be provided in all rooms including lobby. Moreover, 100% health care has to be ensured in the entire hotel. Breaking the conditions will bring him under punishment.

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