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Friday, May 20, 2022

Turkey may be opened for tourists by the end of June

The total cost of tours to Turkey booked for June is almost 25 billion rubles, Dmitry Gorin, vice-president of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), said.

“Today is a hard day for tourists and travel companies. According to preliminary estimates, in addition to the restrictions that appeared in April-May, the new rebookings will cost at least 25 billion rubles.” Gorin explained.

Turkey is a very popular destination, so 65% of tourists do not want to change the destination, but chose to postpone their tours for other dates. “We will wait to see what happens on June 21, there is hope that this popular travel destination will open,” Gorin said.

Meanwhile, Russia will maintain limited air traffic with Turkey after June 1, mostly for bringing back Russians from the country.

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