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Europe’s best countries for retirement in 2021

A report by Blacktower Financial Management Group has revealed the best European countries for retirees in 2021 based on crime rates, cost of living, life expectancy, property prices, and population age.

From the sun and sand in Spain, to the snow topped mountains of the Alps, Europe hosts some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

With over 40 countries to choose from (all boasting different cultures and lifestyles), finding the perfect location to retire can cause a headache for millions of Europeans.

Blacktower Financial Management Group has updated their annual retirement report to reveal the best (and worst) European countries for retirement in 2021 using weighted metrics of cost of living, crime rates, life expectancy, property prices, and population age.

Finland is the best European country for retirees
The laid-back Finnish atmosphere and magic of the northern lights see many retirees going ‘off-grid’ to enjoy their well-deserved retirement. With breath-taking views, fresh lakes, vast forests, and quaint cities; it is no surprise that Finland draws millions of retirees to their border each year.

Second in the rankings is the country of Spain. The historic country hosts a wealth of great towns, cities and coastal locations which draw millions of retirees to its boarders each year. The great weather, food and friendly locations make Spain the perfect destination for anyone looking to relax in their ‘golden years’.

The top ten best countries are as followed:

Country 2020 Rank (1= best) Over the age of 65 (% of the population) Cost of living Index Crime rank House Price Index Life expectancy
Finland 1 21.61 77.46 27.01 8.64 81.73
Spain 2 19.7 59.09 33.13 9.59 83.43
Slovenia 3 19.65 59.38 21.79 10.89 81.37
Netherlands 4 19.16 78.64 27.22 7.35 81.81
Italy 5 23.31 73.11 44.37 9.52 83.84
Denmark 6 19.84 91.67 26.72 6.66 80.95
Portugal 7 21.89 52.88 29.89 12.65 81.82
Estonia 8 19.73 56.45 23.38 9.11 78.24
Germany 9 21.66 70.62 35.42 9.12 80.89
Austria 10 19.38 75.49 25.23 10.40 81.69

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