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FITUR 2021 Meetings on TV: “Debating tourism’s recovery”

As part of FITURIFEMA Madrid is organising the first ENCUENTROS FITUR 2021 (FITUR 2021 MEETINGS). Tourism industry leaders will be explaining their tourism industry recovery measures, their experiences, and their objectives. Panel members will include the CEO of the Paradores hotel chain, the chair of CEAV (Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies), the heads of Portugal, Morocco and Colombia’s tourism bureaus, the heads of tourism for Spain’s Castilla y León, Madrid Region and Galicia, the marketing directors of air carrier Iberia and train operator Renfe, and the CEOs of the Julià Group and Ávoris.

The debates will be directed and moderated by Fernando Valmaseda, one of Spain’s leading tourism journalists, with more than 32 years in the tourism business, and recipient of the Excellence in Tourism 2015 Award for Professional Career and Executive of the Year Award as Director of Strategic Communication 2017 among others. He is currently general manager of RV EDIPRESS Group and director of the radio and television programmes Miradas Viajeras (Travel Views).

In a friendly, entertaining and content-packed format, FITUR 2021 Meetings will be a forum for industry leaders to share knowledge, analyse the current business context, now and in the future, and discuss concrete solutions and proposals. They will be streamed live between 6th and 14th May from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. on FITUR’s new digital platform FITUR LIVEConnect, launched this year, and broadcast on Movistar Channel 125, Negocios TV, TDT, Totalplay, Izzi TV (Mexico), and other platforms

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