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May 4, 2021
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DHS Hospitality Academy Sdn. Bhd has embarked into a collaboration with the School of Professional & Executive Education (SPEED) of ASIA e University Malaysia, the Youth Malaysians Movement and the Association of Employment Agencies Malaysia to offer the Singapore Work Study Program. The objective of the program is to provide opportunities for the members of the Youth Malaysians Movement to seek an opportunity to undergo the Singapore Work Study Program in Singapore. The Hospitality Industry in Singapore is booming and the need for talent is vital to keep abreast with the increase of the demand in Tourism.

The Singapore Work Study Program is a unique program offered for a duration of 12 where the individual would undergo 1 month of training in hospitality operations at the School of Professional & Executive Education and undergo a 12 to 18 months of work study at Singapore. During the attachment the individuals would be provided with a monthly allowance of SGD 500.00 (RM 1500.00) for the 1st months and SGD 750.00 (RM 2100.00) from the 2nd Month to the 7th Months of Attachment. Upon completion of the 7th Month the students would receive an allowance of SGD 1000.00 till the 12th Month of their attachment. They would also be provided with accommodation for the first month only, Duty meals, Insurance during their attachment



The individuals would also be sponsored to undergo Diploma in Hospitality through the net work of colleges in Singapore brought forward by DHS Hospitality Academy Sdn. Bhd. Upon successfully completion of their attachment the students could either return to Malaysia for employment or continue their employment in Singapore with a starting salary of SGD 1200.00 (RM 3600.00) to SGD 1400.00 (RM 4200.00). As to the current pandemic situation the individuals quarantine period in Singapore for 2 weeks would be fully paid by the respective organization and provided with three meals per day. Entry requirement into the said program is 18 years of age and have completed minimum PMR.

DHS being a smart partner of SPEED Training Sdn. Bhd of Asia e University has been offering programs related to the Hospitality Industry for youths in various disciplines within the Hospitality Industry. DHS programs are work based learning and provides opportunities for individuals to experience the industry by the know how approach while undergoing their training programs offered.   Programs offered by DHS is Industrial based and all students who undergo the said programme are assured placements in Malaysia or in Singapore. As to date DHS has successfully trained 1500 youths and placed them successfully in the Hospitality & Food Service Industry in Malaysia and Singapore

Established in 2016, DHS is the pioneer in the field of Tourism and Hospitality Work Base Learning. As a fore running leader, DHS continues to initiate learning experiences which are relevant to tomorrow’s work place. The current offering extends to Hospitality Industry, Food Service Industry, Retail Industry and Food & Beverage Industry. DHS’s education philosophy believes in producing high quality graduates. Classes are taught in small lecturer to student ratio. Therefore, greater personal attention can be given to students and our Learning Specialist has over 25 years of working experience in the Industry.