Thailand COVID-19 Situation as of 25 April, 2021, 11.30 Hrs.

Bangkok imposes 2-week restrictions on COVID-19 high-risk venues
April 26, 2021
Arabian Travel Market reconfirms in person event for next month
April 27, 2021

COVID-19 Daily Vaccinations

Total Number of People Vaccinated: 1,124,153

People Received 1st Dose Today: +14,675

People Received 2nd Dose Today: +14,033

COVID-19 Daily Situation

Total Cases: 55,460

New Cases: +2,438

Receiving Medical Treatment: 24,207

Recovered: 31,113

Deaths: 140

TAT would like to recommend all to take DMHTT precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19: D – Distancing, M – Mask wearing, H – Handwashing, T – Temperature check, and T – Thai Chana contact tracing application.