95% of travellers eager to travel abroad as soon as travel bans are removed

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April 19, 2021
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April 19, 2021

The vaccination It’s not mandatory travelling, but it should be. Most people are educated enough to make good decisions now. Do you think that should they make vaccination obligatory for travelling?

During the analysis below are some of the key findings of the survey by SchengenVisaInfo:

  • The majority of travellers (95 per cent) would consider travelling as soon as the restrictions are lifted
  • 87 per cent claim they desperately need to take a trip outside their country
  • Three-quarters of the participants claim that the first trip they would take once the borders reopen is to visit family members and friends
  • 54 per cent believe that despite the spread of the virus and its mutations, it is not very risky to travel abroad right now
  • Less than one third believe they will be able to travel outside their country this year
  • 71 per cent agree that couples have suffered most as a result of these measures
  • The most effective form of preventing the spread of COVID-19 when travelling is by obliging travellers to test upon arrival 62 per cent of survey participants believe
  • Over half of travellers think COVID-19 vaccination should become obligatory for travel
  • 81 per cent of the respondents are familiar with vaccination certificates, while the rest have never heard of them