Tours to Sri Lanka appeared on sale of tour operators

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April 13, 2021
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April 13, 2021

At the end of March, the Operations Headquarters announced the resumption of flights with Sri Lanka. One flight per week is allowed from Moscow to Colombo. In mid-March, Aeroflot announced the launch of direct flights to the capital of Sri Lanka from April 1- departures were scheduled twice a week. However, at the moment Aeroflot has no direct flights to Colombo in its schedule.

Nowadays, there are strict protocols for passengers arriving in Sri Lanka, including 14-day quarantine at state-certified hotels, a negative PCR test for COVID-19 upon arrival, and several paid PCR tests during isolation.

Since March 19, tourists who have completed a full course of vaccination against coronavirus have been exempted from mandatory quarantine.

Tours to Sri Lanka have already appeared on sale of Russian tour operators. So, you can book a package tour of Pax operator (visa, PCR tests and medical insurance, flight through Dubai, hotel 3*+) departing on April 30 for 7 nights from 4 130 Euros for two persons. A tour with similar conditions departing on May 8 will cost half the price: from 1 798 Euros for two.

Coral Travel tour operator in Sri Lanka offers more than 30 hotels which have passed the “Safe & Secure Level 1” category certification. These hotels are popular among Russian tourists.

Package tours and ground services in Sri Lanka are also available from Tez Tour. Representatives of the company recalled that accommodation on the island is possible only at certified hotels – if a hotel is excluded from the list, it will be immediately removed from the sale. According to the tour operator, a tour with a flight for 7 nights departing on May 21 will cost from 1 914 Euros for two persons.

In the near future, tours to Sri Lanka will appear in the assortment of such tour operators as Ics Travel Group, Anex Tour, Spectrum and Intourist.