Spain, Portugal and Dominica are the destinations for health-conscious investors

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April 9, 2021
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Research by Astons, the international experts on real estate, residency and citizenship through investment, has found that Spain and Portugal are the citizenship investment programs offering investors the highest levels of healthcare without the need of investing millions to obtain it.

Health is becoming a driving factor when it comes to investor sentiment, intensified as a result of the Covid pandemic with investors looking to the availability of quality healthcare for both themselves and their wider dependents.

The analysis of global healthcare by Astons considered multiple rankings based on the level provided in each nation, before then considering the minimum investment required to apply

Best Health-Focused Residency Investment
The research shows that Spain is the best residency by investment program for health-conscious investors. The level of the nation’s healthcare system currently sits top with a score of 88 and with a minimum investment of just £427,075, Spain also ranks as one of the more affordable options for investors.

While Singapore and the UK both rank within the top three in terms of quality healthcare, the minimum cost of investing in residency via both programs is high at £1.35m and £2m respectively.

Like Spain, neighbouring Portugal also presents a great opportunity for a smart investment with a focus on health. The Portuguese healthcare system scored 83.2 in Aston’s research, with the minimum investment required even lower than Spain at £239,162.

Switzerland, Italy and Malta are also home to a high quality of healthcare, scoring within the 80s and also offering minimum investments below the £300,000 threshold.

Australia (82.7) and Canada (80) also perform well in terms of healthcare within each nation, however, the minimum cost of investment is higher at £831,488 and £692,477 respectively.

Best Health-Focused Citizenship Investment
In terms of the healthiest nation offering citizenship through investment, Dominica comes out on top. Aston’s research scored the nation’s healthcare system at 85.4, making it the only other nation along with Portugal to score above 85.

What’s more, the nation’s citizenship by investment program requires a minimum investment of just £71,855, making it by far the most affordable route for health-conscious investors.

Malta also presents a good investment into health focussed alternative citizenship scoring 82.5, although the minimum investment is far higher than Dominica at £597,905.

Managing Director of Astons, Arthur Sarkisian, commented: “Quality of life has always been a driving factor where investment via residency and citizenship programs is concerned, and of course, health and the provision of good healthcare plays a big role in this.

However, the current pandemic has driven this to the top of the list of concerns for many investors for obvious reasons.

While the appeal of many programs will always be based on a variety of benefits, we expect health and health care to remain an overarching factor for many years to come.”


Nation Type Minimum Investment Minimum Investment (£) Healthcare Index Score
Spain Residency 500,000 EUR £427,075 88.0
Singapore Residency 2,500,000 SGD £1,351,995 84.1
United Kingdom Residency 2,000,000 GBP £2,000,000 83.7
Portugal Residency 280,000 EUR £239,162 83.2
Switzerland Residency 250,000 CHF £193,241 83.0
Italy Residency 250,000 EUR £213,538 82.9
Australia Residency 1,500,000 AUD £831,488 82.7
Malta Residency 330,000 EUR £281,870 82.5
Canada Residency 1,200,000 CAD £692,477 80.0
Thailand Residency 600,000 THB £13,965 79.4
New Zealand Residency 3,000,000 NZD £1,526,820 78.1
United States Residency 900,000 USD £655,695 76.4
Greece Residency 250,000 EUR £213,538 75.1
Malaysia Residency 300,000 MYR £52,789 74.9
Ireland Residency 500,000 EUR £427,075 72.6
Cyprus Residency 300,000 EUR £256,245 71.7
Panama Residency 40,000 USD £29,142 63.0
Latvia Residency 250,000 EUR £213,538 62.6
Bulgaria Residency 512,000 EUR £437,325 60.0
Dominica Citizenship 100,000 USD £72,855 85.4
Malta Citizenship 700,000 EUR £597,905 82.5
Saint Lucia Citizenship 100,000 USD £72,855 74.0
Turkey Citizenship 250,000 USD £182,138 72.1
Grenada Citizenship 150,000 USD £109,283 68.9
Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship 100,000 USD £72,855 68.8
Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship 150,000 USD £109,283 64.3
Bulgaria Citizenship 1,024,000 EUR £874,650 60.0
Vanuatu Citizenship 130,000 USD £94,712 55.9