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Digital travel service Russpass has been used to plan trips and support the tourism industry

Over 700,000 people have used the Russpass digital travel service in the first six months since its introduction. The platform helps people plan trips in Moscow and across Russia, book flights, train tickets and guided tours, make restaurant bookings, as well as learn about places worth seeing in Russia and take virtual tours.

Russpass offers readymade itineraries and customized tours around Moscow and other cities in central Russia, as well as in southern Russia, Siberia and the Russian Far East. A unique feature of the project is that the users can create their own tour.

The pandemic has forced people to use online services all the time. As long as the borders remain closed, a huge deterred demand is developing in the travel industry. According to the Moscow City Tourism Committee, Russpass can be used by travel agencies in Moscow and other cities to prepare for a time when they will have to compete for clients once foreign travel restrictions are lifted.
One more mission of Russpass is to support members of the tourism and hospitality industry who can use the platform to find new clients. Project operators are working energetically to develop cooperation with international and local travel agencies, travel aggregator websites and booking services, museums, restaurants, urban venues and other members of the tourism industry. The number of its partners has increased to approximately 300 during the past six months.

The service is available in Russian and English and will also be offered in other languages in the future. It was developed at the initiative of the Moscow City Government and is supervised by the Moscow Tourism Committee and the Moscow Department of Information Technology.

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