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How Dubai is keeping tourists safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dubai has received global recognition for protecting travellers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Marcelo Risi, head of the communications department of UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) stated that Dubai merits recognition for effectively attempting to keep both tourist and tourist workers safe as much as possible.

“It has created a good example of cooperation between government and business. Such cooperation is more essential than ever, and UNWTO is pleased to see Dubai and many other destinations around the world promoting collaboration and solidarity to support our sector and restart tourism,” he further added.

He also said that safe international travel is feasible; nevertheless, they need to reconstruct trust travel restart the travel industry. The tourism sector is ready to restart as soon as conditions allow, but these will depend on both health management and international coordination and standards – again, flying solo leads nowhere, he added.

The UNWTO additionally applauds Dubai on effectively facilitating EXPO 2020, which sends an encouraging and solid message of assurance. The secretary-general of UNWTO, adulating the city for its brilliant accomplishment, said that it is essential to restart the travel industry and do their part to revamp with more economic and social flexibility.

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