Aeroflot to increase the number of flights to the UAE

More than 2,7 million Russians traveled abroad in 2020
January 18, 2021
Tours to the Maldives will be 10-15% cheaper
January 18, 2021

With the decision of the operational headquarters to prevent the importation and spread of coronavirus, the flight quota was expanded. “The frequency of flights may change as international air traffic is restored,” according to the Aeroflot website.

In August, the resumption of flights began. Nowadays, you can fly to Turkey, Great Britain, Tanzania, Switzerland, Egypt, the UAE, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Japan, Iran, South Korea, Cuba and the Maldives from Russia.

Flights to Armenia, Montenegro, Greece and Cyprus may be resumed at the end of November.

Flights to Seychelles and Ethiopia have also been allowed, but the dates of the flights have not been announced yet.