Shillong turns pink with cherry blossoms. See beautiful photos

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If not for the pandemic, travellers would have booked a ticket to Shillong in Meghalaya during this time to witness the blooming of the cherry blossoms. And right on time, the north-eastern city has turned into a stunning shade of pink, thus looking like a breathtaking painting.

Cherry Blossoms in Shillong

The India International Cherry Blossom Festival, the calendar event that attracts record number of tourists in Shillong, has been cancelled this year, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. And since it is best advised to stay put inside our homes, why not enjoy the pictures.


The buds start to show in late October

The buds start to show in late October, and the flowers begin to bloom in the early half of the November at the north-eastern city. And right now, the flowers are being spotted by the residents in every nook and corner.

The flowers are also known as Prunus cerasoides

Also known as Prunus Cerasoides, the cherry blossoms are considered a gift from the Himalayas. They usually grow across the east and west Khasi hills.

Annually, the International Cherry Blossom Festival is hosted in Shillong, Meghalaya, usually in mid-November. It includes live music and a plethora of activities like dance competitions, pageants, several stalls catered to represent their region through the cuisine, wine, arts and craft. However, with the pandemic, people have decided to enjoy the scenery from the safety of their homes.

Many residents have even shared pictures of these gorgeous and vibrant flowers growing in their vicinity. Generally, cherry blossoms grow in the wild, but can be spotted across the state during this time of the year.




Apart from Shillong, which is a sought-out destination to see the flowers bloom in India, Japan is one of the famous destinations to witness cherry blossoms. The flowers bloom there in the spring. After Japan, South Korea and Paris are also famous for their cherry blossom season.