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Monday, January 30, 2023


Under normal circumstances, when a traveller books a holiday and something goes wrong, they enjoy a certain level of peace of mind.

If their package holiday gets cancelled, the tour operator must refund them within 14 days. If it’s their flight that gets canned, the airline must pay them back within seven days (and possibly compensate them handsomely, depending on how short-notice the cancellation is).

All manner of other issues, from lost luggage to emergency medical care, would be covered by any comprehensive travel insurance policy.

But 2020 unravelled all of that certainty. The coronavirus pandemic led to unprecedented travel restrictions across the globe, causing widespread disruption to holidays and leaving travellers out of pocket for months on end while companies struggled to pay millions of pounds-worth of refunds.

Travel insurers, hit by huge swathes of claims, changed their policies to exclude Covid-related issues.

Despite it all, with a vaccine providing much-needed light at the end of the tunnel, many travellers stymied by 2020’s strict rules will be keen to get planning for a 2021 getaway.

Here’s how to book your next holiday without ending up out of pocket – whatever next year throws at us.

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