Greetings from Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB)!!

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December 23, 2020
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December 24, 2020

Considering the recent evaluation and new dimension of COVID-19 pandemic throughout the Europe and the Globe, all airlines engaged in international passenger flights operation from any origin (Initial and/or transit) to Bangladesh are requested to be more meticulous to check the “PCR based COVID-19 negative certificates” submitted by the passengers during check-in for Bangladesh.

No passengers without “PCR based COVID-19 negative certificates and no COVID-19 positive” passengers shall be carried in any circumstances.

In addition to the instruction in the above paragraph, operators/airlines picking up

passengers destined for Bangladesh from any airports of UK, must forward a list of those passengers to the Airport Immigration Department of Bangladesh within 2 (two) hours after their final check-in -for the preparation of necessary health formalities for them on arrival. Moreover, the passengers checked-in from UK for Bangladesh, must be kept isolated from other passengers in the flight (on all sectors) by assigning seats within a selected area on the aircraft.

Appropriate enforcement action to the concerned airlines will be taken, at the Airport on arrival and also as per the latest Circular published by CAAB in this regard, if any violation is observed/ reported and found authentic.

Note: Please request passengers to carry Two (02) HARD COPIES of PCR based COVID-19 negative certificate to produce on   arrival.