Pattaya City successfully hosts “Grand Flight Championship 2020” bird-racing competition at Bali Hai Pier yesterday

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December 21, 2020
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December 21, 2020

Hundreds of competitors and audiences flocked to the Bali Hai Pier in South Pattaya to join the world’s biggest bird racing event Thailand “Grand Flight Championship 2020” yesterday, December 19th.

The competition for free-flying birds is categorized into 4 stages: 1.) 6-meter flight for small birds weighing less than 50 grams such as Budgerigar, Lovebird, and Forpus 2.) 8 meters for medium birds weighing between 50 to 200 grams such as Sun Conure, Green-cheeked conure, Mini-macaw, and Cockatiel 3.) 12-meter distance for medium-to-large bird competitions such as Grey parrot, Amazon parrot, Eclectus parrot, and all medium-sized Macaw 4.) 14-meter range for all large Macaw..

The winner of the competition of each category received the royal cup of Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Walailak.

Dr. Pamornchai Apichartprakulp, the organizer of the event, revealed to the press that total revenue from the competition application fees will be spent for purchasing necessary medical equipment and supplies for Bangpra Waterbird Breeding Center to be used for taking care of smuggled wildlife and sick animals that have been abandoned.

The atmosphere at Bali Hai Pier was bustling as of 3:30 PM. yesterday, with bird owners, competitors, and onlookers who traveled from both in and outside the province to witness the competition.