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December 7, 2020
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DHS Hospitality Academy Sdn. Bhd the premier hospitality academy in Malaysia would embark into the Philippine Hospitality Industry to train, retrain and up skill Youths for the Global Hospitality Industry. DHS since its inception in 2016 has played a major role in capacity development for the Hospitality Industry in Malaysia and also provided opportunity for Malaysian Youths to experience the Singapore Hospitality Industry.


DHS collaborates with Learning Institutions in Malaysia and Singapore. Programs offered range from Diploma, Professional Diploma, Certificate of Competency, Certificate of Completion and Foundation program in Hospitality. DHS emphasis on “Work Base Learning” and have trained 1500 youths since its inception in 2016.


DHS entry into the Philippines Hospitality Industry is to provide a 80% sponsorship for 250 individuals to undergo the Certificate of Achievement in Hospitality Operations program which leads into the Diploma in Global Hospitality Management.

DHS has also appointed Dr Heidi Ivy Fabelico as the Academic Consultant. She would oversee and assist in the delivery of the program in the Philippines. All program management would be conducted via online.


The philosophy of DHS approach of learning is to develop youths for employment and ensure CAREER. Job placements have become a challenge for today’s graduates and youths due to their slackness in developing themselves to be part of the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry requires talent that creates opportunity to the guests and customers to further themselves into the arena of customer service. The hospitality Industry has become very challenging due to the COVID pandemic which has resulted in many individuals losing their jobs. DHS has introduced the Pathway to Global Hospitality Degree Program which is unique as it emphasis on Work Integrated Learning where the students would undergo 4 months of theory & hands on learning and 8 months of work related learning.

The program is constructed on three segments where the students would undergo the first phase of 48 hours of Certificate of Completion in Hospitality Operations awarded by University Malaya Centre for Continuing Education program and later further into the second phase of 360 hours of the Diploma in Global Hospitality Management offered by PSB Academy Singapore and the program is conducted on module basis fully administered via DHS Learning Management System The third phase is where the students would undergo 1536 hours of work base learning in actual situation and online learning. During the program period the students would be assessed through assignments only. Upon graduating with the Diploma the students could further into a Degree in Hospitality at Singapore for another 16 months with PSB Academy or further themselves into Degree programs related in Hospitality in Switzerland and the UK. The programs also is open for international students who are keen to pursue and experience Malaysian Hospitality through the Malaysian Hospitality Industrial Attachment program offered by DHS Hospitality Academy Sdn. Bhd.

For further information please visit our website at www.thedhs-mall.asia.