Free Baggage Allowance For USA, Canada Sector Revises Air India

December 4, 2020
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December 4, 2020

Flag-carrier Air India in a trade circular said that it has revised its Free Baggage Allowance (FBA) for the USA and Canada sector for sale and travel effective from 0001 Hrs of 01 December 2020.


In November 2020, the airline has enhanced the Free Baggage Allowance for the USA and Canada sector for Sale and Travel effective 12 Nov 2020, i.e. for all tickets issued from 12 Nov. 2020.


Under the enhanced FBA, Air India is offering 2Pcs/32Kgs Free Baggage Allowance on Economy Class, 3Pcs/32Kgs FBA on Business Class, and 3Pcs/32Kgs on First Class.


Now, the airline has restored the free baggage allowance in the USA, Canada Sector. Details of the new baggage allowance are as following;


Cabin Class Existing FBA Revised FBA

Economy 2Pcs/32Kgs 2Pcs/23Kgs

Business 3Pcs/32Kgs 2Pcs/32Kgs

First 3Pcs/32Kgs 2Pcs/32Kgs

Air India Revised FBA For USA, Canada Sector

Tickets issued from 12th Nov. 2020 till 30th Nov. 2020, for the travel between India and USA/Canada, FBA will be 2Pcs/32Kgs for each in Economy class and 3Pcs/32Kgs each for travel in Business and First Class.

For all the tickets issued on or after 01st December 2020, Free Baggage Allowance will be 2Pcs/23Kgs each for travel in Economy class and 2Pcs/32Kgs each for travel in Business and First-Class.