Peru Reopening Borders To International Tourists From These Countries

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Three local female weavers in colourful traditional local dress including festooned hats, weaving colourful alpaca wool on the ground, Chumbe Community, Lamay, Sacred Valley, Peru (3 Model Releases) (Three local female weavers in colourful traditional

nown best for backpacking treks, Incan ruins, northern beaches, and delicious cuisine, Peru has long been an adventurer’s dream destination. If you are eager to explore the ancient landscape of this culturally rich country, you may be in luck. After months of lockdown, Peru is reopening its borders for international flights from select countries which began on October 5th, as announced by President Martín Vizcarra.“International flights will be authorized, as of October 5th, between countries in the region and little by little to other latitudes,” said Vizcarra in a statement.RELATED: The Most Beautiful Airbnbs In Lima, PeruIn early March, Peru began enforcing strict lock-downs, including curfews, movement restrictions, and border closures. After seven months, they are finally ready to ease some of these restrictions. The first countries that Peru is planning to allow flights from include Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and the USA.