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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Emirates Will Resume Offering Showers And The Bar Onboard A380s

After months of being grounded and then gradually taking to the skies with modified service levels, Emirates is now reintroducing some of the popular upscale features on its A380s. In the coming weeks, the airline is bringing back first-class showers and the business class bar. The news is sure to please long-haul customers on the upper deck.

A380 first class showers to reopen

When resuming flights after slowly emerging from the coronavirus emergency, Emirates, like many other airlines, had to modify its levels of service to ensure the safety of passengers and cabin crew. But a report today by One Mile At A Timerevealed that the Dubai-based carrier is to resume some of its top tier services on Airbus A380 aircraft.

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Soon, first class passengers will be able to take advantage of the two shower spas onboard each A380. The aircraft has dedicated shower attendants who, for the last several months, have been working as bathroom attendants keeping the lavatories clean and safe for customers while the shower facilities have not been in operation.

Emirates A380 Shower Spa
 Shower Spas to be reinstated. Photo: Emirates

Resumption of business class Onboard Lounge service

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Emirates is also aiming to reopen the business Onboard Lounge on their A380s. The bar and social area are located behind the business class cabin at the rear of the upper deck. The bar has been closed and unattended for the last few months as the airline implemented social distancing and safety measures.

While Emirates is planning on reopening the Onboard Lounge, the service will be at a modified level. Rather than returning as a social gathering area, the bar will be a means of ordering a drink easily, and the number of passengers entering will be strictly limited.

The airline is rightly proud of its upper deck lounge with its white onyx, edge-illuminated horseshoe bar, and comfortable lounge and bar furniture. Ironically, with its state-of-the-art HEPA air filters offering superior ventilation, the A380’s bar is currently safer than many establishments at ground level.

One Mile At A Time states that the services will be resumed on October 15, however, an Emirates spokesperson told Simple Flying,

“Our product and service offering is constantly reviewed in line with the latest guidance on COVID-19 and we are looking into reopening our A380 Onboard Lounge and Shower Spa in the coming weeks”

The Emirates A380 Onboard Lounge
 Emirates will reopen the A380 business class Onboard Lounge. Photo: Emirates

Resumption of other premium inflight services

As well as the reopening of the showers and lounge on the A380, Emirates is resuming several other premium inflight service elements on all aircraft types. First class passengers will once again be escorted to their seats, and the social area at the front of the cabin will reopen. Before meals, the attendants will offer the traditional drink service and nuts, the full first-class drinks list will be reinstated, and the turndown service will be provided once again. Business class customers can also expect the drinks service and turndown service.

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