The ancient tourist center is open for a tourist

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Peru has made the rare opening of the Machu Picchu tourist center for just one tourist. The lucky one is Jesse Kataiyama.

The ancient Inca civilization center was opened on Monday just to show him. Machu Picchu in Peru is one of the most interesting places for travelers.

Although Kataiyama flew to Peru in March, air travel between Peru and Japan was cut off due to the Corona epidemic. Machu Picchu was closed for the same reason.

After being trapped in Peru for about seven months, Kataiyama arranged for him to return home after seeing Machu Picchu. He is very happy to see it.

According to the BBC, the stranded tourist Katayama made a special request to the Peruvian Ministry of Culture for a chance to see Machu Picchu.

The ministry responded to his request and allowed him to visit this traditional place in a special arrangement. Kataiyama traveled to Machu Picchu last Saturday.