Bangladesh Housekeeper Association’ Get Together

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October 11, 2020
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October 12, 2020

Bangladesh Housekeeper Association’s (BHA) 3rd get together held on 19 September 2020 at Hotel Sarina – Dhaka. This time they gathered to celebrate the ‘International Housekeeping Week’. Due to COVID -19 pandemic, the celebration was very different and had to assure all the safety procedures.
 BHA organised evening snacks and cut a cake for the event. Most of the Executive Housekeepers of the country from various star rated hotels were present at the ceremony. All the industry leaders shared their ideas and thoughts, how they are facing the challenge of COVID -19. They also had discussion on what can be done to overcome this situation. Many employees in this particular sector have lost their jobs and are going through financial hardships. Many left the capital Dhaka and moved to their hometown to save cost of living.
BHA tried their best to be with the members of this association during this crisis. The association extended their helping hands towards the Hospitality (specially housekeeping sector) industry. The association also reflects on the future plan till the whole industry recovers fully. At their next meeting, they will propose activities based on the situation of the unemployed members. From the very beginning of the pandemic, the association raised and contributed funds where possible to help its members.. The president of the Association Mr. Mohammad Parvej (Housekeeping Manager Hotel Sarina), General Secretary Mr Khan Ali Azam (Executive Housekeeper Lakeshore Hotel) were present at the event to welcome the guests.

The Association is promised to work together to fight this battle with COVID-19. BHA also has a plan to establish a Tourism Training Institute to train the people from the industry specialist and prepare them for the tourism sector.