Thailand is opening the border for tourists

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October 5, 2020
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October 5, 2020

Thailand is going to open the border for tourists and foreigners. The Southeast Asian country said in a statement on Friday. News AFP.

The tourism-dependent economy has suffered a major setback this year. Where four crore tourists came last year, only a fraction of it has come this time. The travel, tourism and aviation sectors have come to a complete standstill due to the global lockdown in the control of the novel coronavirus and the closure of countries’ borders.

With less damage from the epidemic, Thailand will be able to present itself as a safe vacation destination for tourists. Only 59 people have died in the country in Cavid-19.

However, authorities from countries whose risk of novel coronavirus is low will only be allowed to enter Thailand, and those who arrive will have to stay in hotel quarantine for 14 days.

A spokesman for the Thai Tourism Authority (TAT) told AFP that 150 Chinese tourists were arriving in Phuket in the first phase. Their flight will arrive at the resort island next week, local media reported.

If the first party has no problem, two more flights will be operated. One will have Chinese tourists and the other European tourists.

This week, Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha said only a limited number of tourists would be able to come to Thailand and be monitored through their bracelets and mobile phone apps.

Tourist operators across the country are struggling to survive the epidemic and are calling for stricter restrictions at the border.

The World Bank forecast this week said the country’s economy could shrink by 10.4 percent this year.