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The Tourism Board will launch ‘Home Stay’ service across the country

The Tourism Board has taken initiative to launch an exceptional service ‘Home Stay’ for living day and night in a family environment, not hotels, motels or resorts. 

Initiatives have been taken to introduce this system across the country through private entrepreneurs to ensure the health and safety of tourists under the Covid-19 situation and to spend the night and day in the tourist area at low cost. In the service of tourists, this activity will continue in the normal time after Kovid-19.

According to the Tourism Board, there is no arrangement for tourists to stay at important tourist spots in the marginal areas of the country. With this in mind, local people are being encouraged to make ‘home stay’ in tourist areas across the country. Tourists will be guaranteed a limited range of day and night compliance with hygiene rules during the Corona period. Arrangements are being made to stay overnight at the grassroots tourist center at a relatively low cost even after Corona.

As a part of this program, a ‘Home Stay’ service called ‘Little Tree’ has been prepared on 31st August in Banani of the capital. In developed areas like Banani, accommodation has been arranged at relatively low prices in this guest house.

According to the Tourism Board, the country’s tourism sector has suffered the most in Corona. Due to Corona, 4 million workers in tourism-related countries are uncertain about their income. More than 1.5 crore people from the families of these workers have been affected. For these reasons, this new initiative called ‘Home Stay’ has been taken to employ the concerned and local people in compliance with the health rules. Where there is no accommodation in the favorite places of those who are thirsty for travel across the country, accommodation will be arranged in a family environment. This activity will ensure accommodation for tourists by developing infrastructure in small houses.

When asked, Jabed Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism Board, said, “We want to launch ‘Home Stay’ service across the country. We want to develop tourism and involve the concerned workers and local people in it. There are many places where tourists do not want to go because there is no accommodation. Internal tourism will benefit in this case. Foreign tourists can also stay at low cost. The tourism sector in Corona has suffered the most. We want to overcome this situation quickly and develop tourism. That is why this step has been taken.

Rezaul Ekram, president of the Bangladesh Inbound Tour Operators Association and founder of the World Tourism Club, said, It goes without saying that there is no travel business. Only internal travel is starting. Many of us have started food business online. Many have been involved in the hotel business. The cost of making a big hotel is many. So small guest houses are doing. There has been a ‘Little Tree’ in posh areas like Banani. It will cost 6 thousand rupees to get such rent in the hotel. Guests will get half there. Although not for foreign guests, those who are domestic tourists can stay.

Banani ‘Little Tree’ guest house owner. Musharraf Hassan Shishir said, “Home stay service has been done by providing accommodation in a better environment at low cost. I have serviced my father’s service apartment called ‘Little Tree’. There are seven rooms here. There is also a drawing room for the convenience of tourists. In a big hotel, the rent for a room that costs 5 to 6 thousand rupees will be much less. I have not fixed the price yet. However, arrangements will be made to spend the night at Rs 1,200 to Rs 1,500, which is beneficial for tourists.

Shishir said that ‘Little Tree’ was fully prepared on August 31. Asked when it will be launched, he said, “There are no tourists due to the Corona situation.” So I will understand the situation and go to the operation very soon. The rent for the rooms at the hotel will be around Tk 4,000 to 6,000, while the rent for the ‘Little Tree’ home stay service will be around Tk 1,500.

According to the Tourism Board, there are small tourist spots in different parts of the country. There are also multiple spots in the same area. There are also tourist spots in remote rural areas. Entrepreneurs will be able to survive in Corona if a ‘home stay’ service is launched around multiple tourist destinations. If the Corona situation is completely normal, both tourists and small entrepreneurs will benefit. The government will always support entrepreneurs in such work.

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