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Tourism activity in Oman resumes with precautions in place

Tourism activity in the Sultanate has resumed, in conjunction with the measures taken to ease restrictions on many economic activities.

Hafidh bin Mahfoudh Al Hadhrami, Asset Manager at Omran Group, said that the group’s hotels have taken all precautionary measures related to COVID-19 to ensure the safety of guests and workers in hotel facilities.

In a statement to Oman News Agency (ONA), said that the Omran Group – the government’s executive arm responsible for the development of the tourism sector in the Sultanate – has launched a new version of its tourism campaign “Within Oman”.

The campaign aims at stimulating local tourism by encouraging citizens and residents to stay in the group’s hotel and resorts in various governorates of the Sultanate.

The new campaign coincides with the measures taken by the Sultanate to mitigate the negative effects of the suspension of many tourism activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thirteen hotels and resorts are participating in the campaign, divided into three main accommodation packages: Enjoy, Chill and Relax. The offers will continue until the end of October.

Each hotel offers many advantages and additional tourism services that are designed to suit different tastes and needs of individual visitors and families.

The packages include free accommodation for two children under the age of 12, which includes breakfast, in addition to exclusive offers for a set of entertainment activities and tours to add an enjoyable tourist experience.

Hafidh Al Hadhrami, Asset Manager at Omran Group, expected that the campaign would receive a great turnout by citizens and residents, individuals and families, to take advantage of the exclusive and distinct offers, especially after the resumption of the operation of hotel facilities and other activities at a time when many are looking forward to a distinguished vacation and a unique experience in the Sultanate.

He said that all the necessary preventive measures have been completed in all participating hotels and resorts, stressing the keenness to achieve this goal to the fullest, so that visitors can spend an enriching and safe tourism experience.

The timing of the campaign coincides with the resumption of activities in various sectors in order to accelerate its recovery and promote its return to its normal course, as well as the desire to maximise its contribution to the GDP.

The campaign is an opportunity to attract and encourage local tourism and urge the target audience to explore the Sultanate’s diversity through the experiences provided in all participating hotels and resorts.

Al Hadhrami explained that the group has invested all efforts and energies to attract the interest of local tourists, including individuals, friends and families, by highlighting the unique experiences that can be enjoyed when booking at various hotels and resorts, in addition to marketing the tourist destinations close to these hotels, whether natural, heritage or cultural. On his part, Qais bin Zahir Al Hosani, Omran Vice-President for Government and Corporate Affairs at Omran, said, “We look forward to the ‘Within Oman’ campaign achieving its objectives to stimulate the local tourism activities in the Sultanate.”

“We commend the efforts of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism and our partners in the sector in advancing tourism development and promoting various tourism activities in the country. These efforts have a pivotal role in the recovery of the sector and stimulating tourism growth in the various vital tourism sites in the Sultanate.”

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