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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

9 Countries You Can Travel To Right Now

Recent trends in international travel aren’t encouraging. Many places are either doubling down on lengthy quarantine requirements or reimposing restrictions as COVID-19 cases spike. Border closures and quarantine rules change frequently. Air traffic appears to have peaked in August, and it’s unclear what’s ahead for the aviation industry. On all fronts there is a great deal of uncertainty around the coming autumn and it looks as if international travel is still a long way off for many of us.

However there are quite a few countries currently open to both tourism and business travel, many with no restrictions whatsoever. A number of them require either a negative test just before travel or upon arrival – but as long as visitors don’t test positive, no quarantine is necessary. With that in mind here’s a look at nine countries most people can travel to right now with minimal hassle – along with a note about their current infection trends. লো

Whether it’s responsible to travel the world right now remains a hotly debated topic, and the risk of testing positive and getting stuck somewhere for at least two weeks remains a significant one – but if you do decide to go, these countries won’t stop you.


Mexico City landscapes

Entry requirementsnone. While the land border between the US and Mexico remains closed, it’s still possible to fly into various Mexican cities from anywhere that has a flight operating. No testing or quarantine requirements are currently in place.

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