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Friday, June 24, 2022

Maldives introduces ‘split stay’, allowing tourists to visit multiple resorts

Tourism Ministry has introduced the facilitation of ‘split stay’ between resorts, which will allow tourists to visit multiple resorts during their stay in Maldives.

Tourism Ministry announced the introduction of ‘split stay’ in a statement on Monday afternoon.

The decision was made at the Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC), and that it follows consultation with the Health Protection Agency (HPA), said Tourism Ministry in its statement.

Tourism Ministry said the decision was made “to encourage and allow tourists to experience more than one resort in Maldives and to enable longer stays in Maldives during their holidays”.

‘Split stays’ are allowed between resorts that meet all compulsory requirements under the ‘split stay guideline’ approved by HPA.

Tourism Ministry has asked that requests for approval of ‘split stays’ be submitted to the ministry two days prior to travelling date.

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