Cox and Kings shut down: Travel agency workers across country demand unpaid remuneration

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August 29, 2020
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August 30, 2020

Due to the continued economic slowdown, many big companies are laying off their employees. Cox & Kings was known as the world’s foremost travel agency. In October 2019, the company suddenly shut down. Employees of the company received their salaries until June 2019. But since then, they have not been paid any salary. Cox and Kings has to pay 94 crores to the employees along with other benefits

The company has offices in different parts of India. All the offices are currently closed due to the pandemic. The company also had an office in Kolkata, which is also closed. Employees have been left worried.

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Ashraf Hossain, an employee of the organization, said, “We have been going around various possible places to collect arrears.”

There are about 4,000 workers in this company across India. About 2,500 of them were permanent workers. The rest of them worked as contract workers. They took money from the clients for their travel agency company. The employees of the company said that they are unable to return the money to the clients due to the sudden closure of the company.

The workers also said that they have been protesting in Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata for the last one year. They protested in front of India Gate in Delhi. The workers also met Shiv Sena leaders in Mumbai and expressed their concerns. But so far there has been no solution to the problem. The workers have been going to various places to collect their arrears for the last one year.

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Cox & Kings Tourism in Kolkata has a staff of about 250. Some of them got jobs in other companies. But due to the lockdown, many workers lost their jobs. Without a way out, Cox & Kings workers have started a movement on social media. The workers have started a campaign on social media called “We Want Justice for Cox and Kings Employees.”