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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

State Minister for Tourism advises on local development centered on tourism

State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism Mohammad urged the administration to consider tourism in taking any development project at the local level. 

Mahbub Ali. He made the call while addressing a keynote address at an online workshop with Natore district organized by the Bangladesh Tourism Board on Saturday (August 22nd).

Mahbub Ali said, “Tourism should be taken into consideration in taking up any development project at the local level. The local administration will formulate and implement projects related to tourism on a priority basis. Tourist facilities need to be developed, preserved and renovated. It is necessary to formulate a plan to widen the roads of the tourist center and take necessary steps.

The state minister said the local administration should work seriously to preserve all the tourist centers including the historical and archeological antiquities of the country and the places associated with the memory of the great liberation war. Care must be taken to ensure that land grabbers and vicious groups do no harm to all these important places and installations. Necessary steps have to be taken to restore the evicted historical sites. Strict action will be taken against those who will damage the historical establishments and tourism.

Mahbub Ali further said, “The number of tourists in the tourist places of the country will increase in the next period of Kovid-19. We must be prepared for that time. The local administration will ensure that the tourists get the right and suitable environment. The Ministry of Education will also be requested to include essays on tourism in the textbooks to create public awareness about tourism.

The State Minister said, “A significant portion of the tourists visiting our country are citizens of neighboring India, Nepal and Bhutan. They visit our historical and religious sites. Measures will be taken in consultation with the Ministry of Home Affairs to facilitate tourist visas for them. This will increase the arrival of tourists from the countries concerned.

Bangladesh Tourism Board Director Abu Taher Muhammad Jaber and Natore District Deputy Commissioner. Prof. Abdul Quddus, Member of Parliament for Natore-4, Shafiqul Islam Shimul, Member of Parliament for Natore-2, Shahidul Islam Bakul, Member of Parliament for Natore-1, Ratna Ahmed, Member of Parliament for Reserved Constituency and Chief Executive of Bangladesh Tourism Board also spoke at the workshop. Officer Jabed Ahmed and others.

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