Air Travel Latest Update: Flight Ticket Prices May Increase From September, Here’s Why

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August 22, 2020
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Air travel may be slightly costlier from next month as the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation on Thursday decided to charge a higher aviation security fee, or ASF, from domestic as well as international passengers from September 1. 

Airlines collect the ASF from passengers at the time of booking flight tickets and the amount then goes to the government. The fee is used by the central government to fund the security arrangement at airports across the country.

As a result, ASF for domestic passengers will be increased to Rs 160 from Rs 150, while the fee for international flyers will be raised to 5.2 USD instead of 4.85 USD from September.

This is the second year in a row the government has increased the aviation fee. Last year, the ministry had announced that domestic passengers would be charged Rs 150 instead of Rs 130 as the ASF and international passengers would have to pay 4.85 USD instead of USD 3.25 as the ASF from July 1, 2019.