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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Over 6,000 Singapore Airlines Group Staff Have Taken Unpaid Leaves

Some employees on unpaid leave applied for it voluntarily, under a scheme introduced in March, as reported in The Tourism International .The program allows employees to apply for varying days of unpaid leave, starting from a minimum of seven days, with a guaranteed chance of returning to their jobs once the time comes. In the meantime, these employees’ medical benefits remain, and they can apply for secondary placements in other companies.

Another segment of the 6,000 comprises of pilots. Pilots have been put on compulsory no-pay leaves starting April. The unpaid leaves vary from four to seven days monthly, depending on one’s rank.

Schemes for staff

As aforementioned, the airline group implemented a scheme to help employees tide through the pandemic with an alternative means of income. Besides volunteering opportunities, the job portal allows staff to apply for roles in the service sector.

As such, over 1,700 employees have signed up for internal volunteer positions or temporary placements with external organizations

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