Space tourism coming soon

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August 10, 2020
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Last week, two NASA astronauts returned to Earth after visiting the International Space Station (ISS) on a private initiative. They were on the space station for two or three months. Elon Musk’s spacecraft SpaceX has returned to Earth quite safely with them. Meanwhile, along with this good news, Virgin Galactic has brought another good news. And that is opening the door to space tourism for everyone.

Virgin Galactic has been working on space tourism for a long time. Virgin Galactic is a British ‘spaceship’ company for space tourism. Its founder is the British industrialist Richard Bronson. Bronson has been pursuing commercial space tourism since 2004. One of the goals of the organization is space tourism on a commercial basis. The company has taken various initiatives to attract tourists to space. They recently launched their new spacecraft or VSS Unity. Revealed the design of the passenger cabin inside the space tourist vehicle.

Virgin Galactic thinks that the cabin of this spacecraft is the main attraction for tourists. Its cabin is extremely luxurious. It can seat 6 passengers. In addition, there will be seating for two pilots. About 600 passengers have already bought tickets. 400 more passengers have been booked.

According to a CNBC News report, the spacecraft has 18 windows. There are 16 cameras. There is a large round mirror. Sitting in the cabin, passengers will be able to see themselves in this mirror without any weight. You can observe the various scenes and mysteries of space beyond the borders of the earth. Reaching an altitude of 6 miles above the earth, they will have the opportunity to travel to the very edge of space. However, this space travel is only possible for the rich. Because, the price of each ticket has been estimated at 250,000 US dollars. Business magazine Business InsiderAlthough several final test flights have traveled in space, the Galactic has not yet decided exactly when it will officially launch into space with passengers. However, they plan to take the first group of space tourists by the end of this year. The spacecraft is scheduled to take off from the company’s spaceport in New Mexico with passengers on board. Earlier, when the company started its journey in 2004, their goal was to start space travel with passengers by 2009. But it has repeatedly lagged behind due to various complications.

Richard Bronson, meanwhile, said they have been trying from the beginning to open the door to space travel for the general public. He hopes that the day is not far away when ordinary people will be able to go and come in space all the time.