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6 Exciting Weekend Getaways From Kolkata For Your Next Road Trip

Kolkata, a city that is still incorruptible by the glamour and highs of other big cities, but is still alluring and enthusiastic like any other metropolitan. The city has retained its charm over the centuries. It is still one of the favourite places for many historians and wanderers who search everything old-school and vintage in their travel experiences. But apart from its history and values, there are places around it that are just perfect for weekend getaways from Kolkata.

So, the next time you all are in Kolkata, take a little more time and visit these places to have an amazing weekend.

Top 6 weekend getaways from Kolkata 


Distance from Kolkata – 254 Kilometresweekend getaways from Kolkata

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Situated on the West Bengal-Jharkhand border in the lap of Chandil Dalma Elephant Reserve, Duarsini is everything about peace and serenity. This tribal village is located in the Purulia district in West Bengal and has the most beautiful forest in the state, stretched across the nearby villages. You can not just road trip to this place but also walk on the fringes of the forest or just relax in the shade of Shimul, Palash, Shal and Piyal trees. Nearby is Dimna Lake, where you can enjoy boating with the backdrop of Duarisini Hills. Another rare experience is the sound of Madal, a local tribal instrument that will enchant you like nothing else. You can also visit a couple of temples near the village.

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2.Sonajhuri Forest

Distance from Kolkata – 173 Kilometresweekend getaways from Kolkata

Sonajhuri Forests, situated on the edges of Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect weekend getaway from  Kolkata. Travelers from Kolkata usually travel to Shantiniketan but not much of them drive a little ahead to these mesmerizing forests; which makes it perfect for those who want to get away from the crowds. There are several lakes near the forest like Deer Park Lake, Lalbandh and Second Forest Lake where you can just sit back and relax. You can also climb on to Deer Park Watch Tower from where you will get a scenic view of the lake and a lot of deer roaming in the sanctuary.

Sonajhuri is also known for its local culture and art, so don’t forget to miss it whenever you visit there. There are also plenty of beautiful resorts and homestays available in the area, so you will have no problem in finding your stays.

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Distance from Kolkata – 244 Kilometresweekend getaways from Kolkata

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Maithon, situated on the border of West Bengal-Jharkhand, is a charming place in the coal belt area of the region, near Dhanbad and Durgapur. It is settled on the shores of Barakar River, on which a dam is built known as Maithon Dam. The reservoir is alluring with crystal-blue water and provides a scenic view. It also has a trademark inverted-spoon like desert in the middle of it and several other small hills. Boating is the primary activity of tourists in the reservoir in Maithon. Maithon is a must-visit in monsoons when everything becomes even more alluring and stunning. If you are a pilgrim type of traveler, then there are also several temples in and around Maithon. The most notable temples are Kalyaaneshwari Temple and Durga Temple.

4.Parmadan Deer Forest

Distance from Kolkata – 113 Kilometresweekend getaways from Kolkata

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Located in the North Parganas District of West Bengal, Parmadan Deer Forest is also known as Bibhutibhushan Wildlife Sanctuary. This weekend getaway from Kolkata is an ideal place for tourists who love wildlife, forests and just to love to be around the raw form of nature. Stretched in more than 90 hectares of area, Parmadan Deer Forest has a large variety of flora and fauna. You can take a walk amidst the trees of Tut, Manjari, Arjun, Shimul, Sishu and Bamboo. The forest is also home to around 250 deer who keep roaming in the forest. You can also sit back on the shores of Ichamati River that flows through the forest, as its lifeline. Boating is the primary activity of tourists in the river and it provides some picturesque view of the lush green forests.

5.Sunderbans National Park

Distance from Kolkata – 85 Kilometresweekend getaways from Kolkata

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Sunderbans is a vast area of mangrove forests located at the coast of Bay of Bengal. The forests are sprawled in an area of 539 square miles, traversing the international border of India and Bangladesh. The forest area that falls on the Indian land is known as Sunderban National Park. The Sunderbans was declared a national park in 1984 and then declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. The UNESCO then went on to consider the Sunderbans as World Network of Biosphere Reserve in 2001.

The national park has numerous entry points from where you can get inside. Sunderban National Park is most famous for its unique ecosystem and the landscapes it provides to the tourists. You will be amazed by the landscape of the mangrove trees standing strongly, carving out space for many small rivers. All of those rivers flow down into the Bay of Bengal. This makes the place very popular amongst nature and wildlife photographers. There are many watchtowers and islands in the national parks that provide views of the forests, vegetation and wildlife. You can climb on to several watchtowers. They will provide you with many different stunning views of this nature’s magic.


Distance from Kolkata – 173 Kilometresweekend getaways from Kolkata

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Shankarpur, a weekend getaway from Kolkata is situated in Midnapur district of West Bengal. It is the only coastal area in this list and it rightly deserves to be here. Most of the travelers from Kolkata visit to Digha. You can drive a little more east to visit the sleepy little place to bask in the sunlight and sit back and enjoy the clean beaches on the shores of Bay of Bengal. Most of the travelers go back to Kolkata from Digha and not many travelers come here. So this place offers you the tranquility and serenity away from the heaps of crowds. You can also take a walk amidst casuarinas and eucalyptus trees to have those beach-vibes. Being a fishing harbour, you can get raw fish at convenient prizes. You can cook them on your own, or you can also buy them grilled or fried as per your preference.

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