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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Health ministry wants no hospital raids by RAB, police

The health ministry has asked the home ministry to keep law enforcement agencies from raiding government and private hospitals.  

In a letter on Monday, the health ministry said any hospital raid, if urgent, should be conducted with its coordination.

The letter sent to Mostafa Kamal Uddin, senior secretary to the public security division under the home ministry, said hospital raids by law enforcement agencies amid the coronavirus pandemic are disrupting normal operations of the healthcare facilities.

It said such raids have brewed pent-up dissatisfaction in the hospitals.

On Tuesday, Md Abdul Mannan, secretary to the health services division, told The Business Standard that different law enforcement agencies are raiding hospitals in their own ways without any coordination.

“In case of raiding a hospital based on specific allegations, there should be prior coordination with the health services division. And for medical colleges, coordination with the medical education and family welfare division is necessary,” he said.

The letter said the health services division had already formed a task force to inspect operations of government and private hospitals, and a public security division official of the rank of joint secretary is in it.

Law enforcement agencies recently raided several hospitals, and found evidence of various irregularities, including issuance of fake coronavirus test reports. They also fined some hospitals.

Health services division officials said such raids have positive aspects, but they are also creating a negative impression of many good hospitals.   

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