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Thai Airways to operate repatriation flights to Denmark, Taiwan


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Thai Airways to operate repatriation flights to Denmark, Taiwan

Jack Burton

Published 2 days ago

 on 02-08-2020

ByJack Burton

Thai Airways to operate repatriation flights to Denmark, Taiwan | The Thaiger

PHOTO: Thai PBS World

Thai Airways has arranged 2 repatriation flights to Taipei and 2 to Copenhagen this month, to bring back foreign nationals who were stranded by the Covid-19 pandemic. The airline’s acting president says the Taiwan flights will fly on August 5 and 14, leaving Suvarnabhumi Airport at 8:25am and arriving in Taipei at 1:05pm local time; Chansin Treenuchagron said the flights to Denmark will fly on August 16 and 30, leaving Suvarnabhumi at 6:50am and arriving in Copenhagen at 1:05pm local time. Passengers in Thailand who wish travel to these 2 destinations or to neighbouring countries, and Thais stranded in Taiwan, Denmark or other Scandinavian countries who wish to be repatriated can take advantage of this opportunity.

The flights will operate under tight public health safety guidelines and enforce strict social distancing regulations. Chansin says only 1 way tickets can be booked and there are limited seats available. The return flights are being arranged in cooperation with the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Meanwhile, the financially struggling carrier held a meeting last Thursday with holders of debentures to clarify its debt rehabilitation plan. Chansin met with 140 groups of its corporate bondholders, according to a press release issued yesterday.

The groups reportedly comprised scores of cooperatives, financial institutes and mutual funds that hold debt worth more than 70 billion baht. Executives of the troubled carrier used the meeting to clarify details of the rehabilitation and future business strategy and how the airline will repay debts and make money in future. The airline says it will submit its rehabilitation blueprint to the Central Bankruptcy Court on August 17.

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