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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Travelers Required To Fill Out Health Form; 31 States Now a Part of Travel Advisory

Lamont said that travelers will be subject to a $1,000 fine if they do not comply with the quarantine or complete the Travel Health form.

Spot checks will also be conducted at Bradley International Airport, Lamont said.

The questionnaire requires travelers to list their name, the state from which they travel from, their last day of stay in the affected area, date of arrival in Connecticut, address of self-quarantine location, length of stay, home address state, cell phone number.

Travelers are encouraged to fill out the form before they reach the state but will have the option to fill out the form when they land inside the state. The health care form is also required for those traveling by car.

There are exceptions for those who may be essential workers traveling from the affected states to Connecticut who work in critical infrastructure as designated by the cybersecurity, and students in exempt health care professions. State, local and federal workers also fall under the exemption category.

Damien Devlin falls under the exempt category, only traveling to the state to complete a business project.

“It’s going to be in and out for me today and I’ll be catching the last flight out today at 5:30,” said Devlin. “I’ve tried to keep my traveling to a minimum.”

Meanwhile, many travel organizations like the AAA have been busy since restrictions were put in place.

“These are the types of things that our AAA Travel Advisors stay abreast of and are then able to inform travelers about the restrictions so it doesn’t come as a surprise,” said Amy Parmenter, a spokeswoman with AAA.

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