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From the magnificent waterfalls and mountain range of Chattogram and Sylhet to the serene beauty of Cox’s Bazar sea beach, there is no shortage of places to visit in Bangladesh. However, if you want to experience the unblemished beauty of these places, you have to choose the right time for it. While every season has its perks, the rainy season, in particular, stands out from the rest because of its charming appeal. Just getting your hands out of the window on a showery day and feeling the light raindrops can be sensational. But if you want to enjoy the magical season to its fullest, you have to get yourself out of the house. That being said, here are the top five places to visit during the rainy season in Bangladesh.


boat ride amid ratargul
the serenity of Ratargul will not let leave the forest

Located at a distance of about 26 km from Sylhet, Ratargul Swamp Forest is one of the few freshwater swamp forests in the world. From different species of snakes and birds to over 70 different species of plants, this water-drowned forest houses a diverse set of plants and animals. During monsoon, the Gowain river which is linked to the forest becomes flooded when too much water from India enters through the river. 

And that is when the forest truly comes alive with its celestial beauty. The entirety of the forest becomes submerged underwater and the canopy of the plants spreads more than 10 meters high above the ground and covers the forest like an umbrella. Traversing across the river by a boat during this time of the year becomes very soothing. One can even listen to the chirping of the birds, and the soft pitter-patter of the rain on the leaves. Stay long enough and you will be subdued by nature and become one with it. An experience amid serenity alone makes Ratargul one of the best places to visit during the rainy season.


boat ride amid tangiuar haor
the tranquility of the haor at night something to behold

During monsoon, there is a lot more to a haor than just those pristine landscapes of sunsets and sunrise. Tanguar haor in Sunamganj is a place to enjoy the thrill of the rainy season to its fullest. With water brimming everywhere, the entire haor area thrives with gorgeous panoramic views. Imagine spending a night there on the rooftop of a boat accompanied by the silver allure of the full moon. Just the feeling of lying under the vastness of the sky while buttering the moonlight on the skin after a downpour is unparalleled.

And when you start entering deep into the haor; you feel a sense of contentment as all the hustle and bustle of your robotic life starts to dwindle with the humming of the water. Tanguar haor is at its best during the monsoon and one of the best places to visit during the rainy season. One must spend a night on a boat in the haor to take full advantage of its serenity. Be warned: when hiring a boat, haggle your way through the rent if you want to spend some quality time without going rough on the wallet.


a panoramic view of bichanakandi
Bichanakandi becomes a union of the mountain, waterfall, and river in the rainy season

Just like Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bichanakandi of Sylhet also comes to bloom in the monsoon season. As the water streams from the “Seven Sisters” of Meghalaya come down from the sky to kiss the earth, Bichanakandi becomes a union of the mountain, waterfall, and river in the rainy season. People used to collect rocks here once and it soon became a prominent tourist spot because of its captivating natural beauty. This automatically puts it amongst the best places to visit during the rainy season.

The specialty of this place lies in its striking view of the charming Khasi mountains that meet at one point from both sides. The mountains are so tall that sometimes you can see clouds pass by touching the mountain tops. But the place truly comes alive when the large stream of water makes its way to form a gushing waterfall, making a lake which then connects to the Piyain river. After a light shower of rain, the panoramic views of Bichanakandi are remarkable; highlighting the lush greenery and enchanting waterfall. Make sure to visit the place, if you don’t want to miss out on the allure of Bichanakandi in monsoon.


the fall of Khoiyachora
One of the magnificent multi-storied fall that comes to bloom in the monsoon

There is nothing more rewarding for a wanderlust struck adventurer than enjoying the view of a majestic multistoried waterfall. Tucked away on the hills of Mirsharai, Chattogram, the breathtaking fall of Khoiyachora is one such view. Named after the Khoiyachora union of Mirsharai Upazila, the waterfall is located more than 4 km east of the union. One has to trek through the woods to reach the main fall. But along the way, multiple cascades can be seen before reaching the khoiyachora fall.

Once reached, the alluring appeal of the multistoried fall will grasp you in all its glory and there is nothing that can hold you from being blown away by its beauty. Reaching the top is a steep climb but the view is worth it and can wow even the hardest to please. Soaking in the icy-cold stream of the fall, on the other hand, is another thing to enjoy while being there. Just like every place in our list, the waterfalls of Khoiyachora are at its best in the rainy season when the stream becomes large enough to make the view grandiose. You can even see a rainbow if you get lucky enough. Be sure to visit the waterfall this monsoon to become mesmerized by its sublime beauty.


The fall of Nafakum
The charm of the largest fall of Bangladesh is beyond wordable

As said before, there is nothing more soothing than standing in front of a magnificent fall. And if that is Nafa-Khum we are talking about, the entire thing is even more exciting. Because this is the largest waterfall in the country. Not because of its size or height but for its impressive sheet of rapidly falling water. For many, this is well enough reason to get interested but I assure you, you will fall in love with the journey.

Nestled deep inside the forest of Bandarban, Nafa-khum is amongst the best places to visit during the rainy season. The journey to Nafa-khum is almost half a day away depending on which season you are embarking on the journey. In the rainy season, reaching the fall is relatively easy and less time consuming, since a lot of the distance can be covered by boat. However, you have to trek through the forest to reach the fall. But don’t let the journey fool you, because it is as majestic as the fall itself offering an awe-inspiring adventure through Remakree and the Sangu river. The breathtaking views of the surroundings guided by a gushing stream of water make it worth the visit. Then there is the waterfall itself which offers a glimpse into the splendor of nature.

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