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Nepal no longer under lockdown: Here’s what will run now and what still won’t

As some changes in the present modality of lockdown was being expected with fall in official number of coronavirus-infection cases, the government on Tuesday made a surprise move to lift the lockdown altogether.

To begin with, the Cabinet on Monday announced resumption of all flights from August 17, which was aided by the decision to resume tourist activities and long-haul transport services on Tuesday. Government Spokesperson, Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada then informed the media that the lockdown will see an end starting midnight Tuesday.

However, despite the end of the lockdown, the government has decided that a few activities will still face temporary ban while a few more activities will be added to the ‘functional’ list.

Services that will resume operations from July 30, in addition to pre-existing services:

  • Hotels, Restaurants

Recreational activities including parties, seminar, receptions/banquet and other public gatherings continue to face restriction

  • Tourism activities including Travel, Trekking, Mountaineering

Resuming operations from August 17

  • Short and long haul public transportation within and inter-district
  • International and domestic commercial (and other) flights
  • International sports (trainings and preliminary stage)
  • Student admissions and examinations

Here are the services that will remain inactive until further notice:

  • Educational institutions (schools, colleges, tuition centres, among others)
  • Conferences, seminars and trainings of all types
  • Recreation centres (cinema halls, party palaces, dance bars)
  • All kinds of demonstrations, assemblies, gatherings
  • All religious/social centres
  • Salons, parlours
  • Gyms, health clubs
  • Group sports, sporting activities in grounds and stadiums
  • Libraries, museums, zoos

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