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Tourism will play a big role in employment in the aftermath of Covid: State Minister for Aviation

State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism Mahbub Ali has said that the coronavirus (Covid-19) will play a major role in tourism in the future.

The state minister was speaking as the chief guest at an online workshop organized by Bangladesh Tourism Board with Bogra district on Thursday.

The state minister said tourism would play a huge role in creating employment for the people in the post-Kovid-19 period. Involving the people in tourism will be one of the ways to develop tourism as well as their livelihood. Tourism can never be truly developed without ensuring the participation of all marginalized people. The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism is trying to make people in every corner of the country aware and involved in tourism.

Bangladesh Tourism Board Director Abu Taher Mohammad Jaber and Bogra Deputy Commissioner. The workshop was chaired by Ziaul Haque and was attended by Jabed Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer of Bangladesh Tourism Board, public representatives at various levels, media persons, government officials at various levels and stakeholders from various sectors related to tourism.

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