Tourists with expired visas given one month to leave, change status from July 12

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Visitors or tourists whose visas have expired after March 1 are given a one-month grace period starting July 12 to leave the country or update their visa status to avoid fines.

Brigadier Khamis Al Kaabi, official spokesperson for the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA), announced the details during an interview on Abu Dhabi TV in accordance with the UAE’s amendments regarding the validity of both residency and entry visas.

Meanwhile, for UAE resident visa holders, Brigadier Al Kaabi stated that they have up to three months to renew their visas.

“UAE residency permits are now being renewed again and people have three months to renew their residency as of July 12. Fines will be imposed by the end of the grace period,” said Brigadier Al Kaabi.

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ICA outlined specific schedules for all UAE residents to avoid overcrowding at the renewal centres across the country.

Here are the schedules:

For residency visas that expired from March 1 to April 30: Renewal requests accepted from July 12 onwards

For residency visas that expired from May 1 to 31: Renewal requests accepted from August 11 onwards

For residency visas that expired from June 1 to July 11: Renewal requests accepted from September 10 onwards

For residency visas that expired from July 12: Renewal allowed at any date

ICA urges everyone to take advantage of the smart services it provides, respond and adhere to the above time-plan to achieve the requirements for spatial distance across all stages of providing and presenting the service and to avoid administrative fines.